Kaan, İstanbul


I’m Kaan Tarhan, I joined Koç Summer Academy when I was a 9th grader at Robert College. We were a small group of friends who applied together and the program was way much better than we expected. Participants at our session were very well-selected and they were from various cities of Türkiye such as Ankara, Antalya, İstanbul, etc. which made our environment quite enjoyable and qualified. Courses we took and their instructors were so informative. Beyond these, our mentors and friends (who we still keep in touch with) were the most important elements which made our three weeks enjoyable. Thank you very much, Koç Summer Academy!

Ece Bahar, Ankara

I am so glad to choose Koç Summer Academy. It was an academic program but its concept was quite suitable for high schoolers. It was a camp with full of different colors and various activities. Especially full day trainings on Fridays were so interesting. We had movie nights, board games nights and many different events. Mentors were like our program mates but they were also kept the program in order smoothly. We were able to use all facilities on campus. In my opinion, summer camps provide an enjoyable environment and so many different experiences to the participants. Koç Summer Academy was even beyond that. I met lots of friends with whom I really want to keep in touch. I suggest Koç Summer Academy to EVERYONE. It’s not possible to dislike! <3

Defne, Ankara

I had my first college experience at Koç University. I strongly suggest this program to especially to the ones who have dilemmas in their mind about the future. You will spend three weeks on one of the greatest campuses in Türkiye, you will meet with new people from top high schools, and you also will experience the real college life through the lectures you take. You will realize that taking advice for a major program is not enough to understand how much you really want to study in that area. Therefore, I suggest Koç Summer Academy as a good opportunity with various fun activities to spend your summer time and also it will help you for your future plans.

Ali Cem, Hatay

​Summer Academy was an intense but not tiring program which taught me taking responsibilities such as managing my pocket money, taking care of myself while I am awawy from my family and so on. We were always supported by our mentors who were so kind, helpful and friendly. It is a nice and enjoyable summer camp for the high school students who want to take a step for a good future on a great campus. Thank you!

Ayşegül, İstanbul


I would like to say that I enjoyed my time at the Summer Academy this year. It was beneficial in many ways; I learned new things, I made new friends and gained experience. I had three pleasant weeks at Koç University’s campus. I definitely suggest everybody to join this program. It was both fun and beneficial.

İrem Su, Sivas

I had the most fun experience in my life at Koç this summer! It was a great opportunity for me to meet university life 3 years ahead by taking courses from faculty. I also enjoyed a lot attending activities on and off campus. Sailing lessons, karaoke night, cook shop, business trips were great. In addition, taking seminars from Deans and faculty changed my perspective for the future. I came back home with unforgettable memories. I can’t wait for next summer!

Mert, İstanbul

Summer Academy is the perfect program for students like myself who have doubts about which undergraduate degree to apply for. Many seminars in major areas, elective courses and mentor students that you can take advice from contributed to the most fruitful 3 weeks of my summer. Besides all, various activities such as frisbee, indoor rock climbing and AKUT camp attracts you from the very first day. I would recommend this program to all high school students.

Kerem, İstanbul

2014 Summer Academy at Koç University had an important impact for me to decide which university and major area to choose for undergraduate degree I want to study in the future. I had friends from all around Türkiye, learned computer programming, took classes from KU faculty, explored the campus and its opportunities. All of this happened in just three weeks and within an hour distance from my home! Summer Academy was the main reason for me to apply for “Summer Research Program 2015” at Koç. I have to say that I already suggested this program to at least ten friends. Seminars by Koç faculty members in different major areas helped all of my friends from the program with our undergraduate degree choices for the future. To conlude, I would definitely recommend this program to all high school students because it is a great opportunity for them especially if they are not sure what they want to study at university.

Doğa Can, İstanbul

Summer Academy was really beneficial for me. Getting courses from Koç University faculty helped me to figure out which major area would be the best for me to study at university. Also it was a lot of fun to make new friends and join different activities.

Burak, İstanbul

Summer Academy at Koç was a very enjoyable, academically oriented and beneficial camp for me. The time went by so fast. I experienced university life and I had a chance to shape my future goals better. Our mentors and program coordinator did their best for us to learn while having fun. Thanks to all. It was really great to join Summer Academy.

Ali Can, Ankara

Summer Academy program was absolutely great. Elective courses were in optimum level and well-structured. I had the most fun with trips and activities. Exploring such a beautiful campus with our mentors who were caring and close to our age was a great chance. They helped us to adapt the university life easily and I felt like a real university student. I would like to express my sincere thanks to everyone who contributed to the program.

Cansu, İstanbul

The program was really beneficial and fun for me. I found the level and content of the elective courses suitable for high school students. We had so much fun with all trips and weekend activities. One of the best parts of the program was the mentorship of current undergraduate students. Through the program, we all had the experience of being a Koç University student. Thanks to everyone!