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Language: Turkish

Yiğit Sayın Doç. Dr.
Yigit Sayın received his undergraduate degree from Istanbul University Faculty of Law in 1998 and his LLM degree from Warwick University in 2001 in the field of ‘International Economic Law’. After working as a lawyer and legal consultant for a few years, he started his doctorate education in the field of ‘private law’ at Istanbul University Faculty of Law in 2003, and then joined Istanbul University Faculty of Law as a research assistant. He completed his doctorate in private law in 2009 and started to work as an assistant professor at Koç University Faculty of Law. Yiğit Sayın’s work focuses on ‘Roman Law’ in general and ‘Slavery law’ in particular. He has taught undergraduate and graduate courses in the fields of Roman Law, Attorneyship Law, History of Law, Legal Aspects of International Transactions, International Commercial Law, Law & Technology and Philosophy of Law, both at domestic and abroad. Yiğit Sayın, who has published works on Roman Law, Slavery Law, Legal Theory and Legal History, is also a member of SIHDA (Société Internationale Fernand De Visscher pour l’Histoire des Droits de l’Antiquité).

Course Description

Constitutional Law is an introductory course into the general principles of constitutional law. It is designed to assist students to explore what constitutional law is. The course examines how the exercise of state power is structured and limited by constitutionally entrenched systems of checks and balances and fundamental rights and freedoms. Even though it interacts or sometimes confused with political or ideological perceptions, it applies specific methods of law which are objectively predetermined. Within the scope of this course, that has been structured under three main topics, first the basics of constitutional law will be provided, and the types and meanings of constitution will be examined and then the historic moments of constitutionalism will be explored. Under the second main topic, the focus will be on fundamental rights and freedoms as derivatives of constitutionalism. Lastly the course will concentrate on the systems of government (presidential and parliamentary systems) as institutional reflections of separation of powers.

Begüm Gürcüoğlu Araştırma Görevlisi
She graduated from TED Ankara College in 2010 and form Bilkent University Faculty of Law in 2014 as an honour student. She completed her LL.M. degree at Koç University under the direction of Prof.Dr.Bertil Emrah ODER with the dissertation entitled “Journalism at Risk: To what extent the domestic and international norms are capable of protecting freedom of press in Turkey?” in 2020.  She has been working as a research assistant at Koç University Faculty of Law since 2019. She has been doing her PhD at Koç University with a focus on constitutional law and human rights law.