Summer Academy Program 2023 total program fee is 15.000 TL.

Total program fee includes courses, classroom materials and all activities.

Summer Academy program will take place in a daytime structure and accommodation is not provided.

(Shuttle bus and meal fee is not included in the program fee. Parents can either choose to drop their child off to the campus, or they can choose to use the shuttle bus service for which the information of the shuttle bus company will be provided)

Payment Details

Participant’s parents will receive the payment link via e-mail after program participation approval.

Payments will be made through the online payment platform with credit card. Please note that there are no alternative payment methods.

1-6 installments will be available for the banks that are shown on the payment platform.

Payments should be completed within 2 weeks after you receive the payment link (and until the last day for applications).

The following program fee discount rates will apply:

  • If the applicant is a current student and/or alumni of Vehbi Koç Foundation schools (Koç School and Koç University) or if the applicant has a first-degree relative (Mother, father, and/or siblings) who attended or is attending a VKF school 10% discount applies.
  • If the applicant has a first-degree relative who is a Koç Group employee, 10% discount rate applies.
  • If the applicant has a first-degree relative who is an active KoçAilem member, 10% discount rate applies.
  • If siblings join our programs together: %10 discount rate applies for each sibling.
  • If the applicant has a first-degree relative who is a Koç University or Koç University Hospital (KUH) employee, 50% discount rate applies.

You will be asked for the detail of the discount when filling out the application form.

Note: Two discount rates cannot be used at the same time. If more than one discount type is valid for the applicant, higher rate will be applied.