a) The Party Responsible for Data, and Representative

Pursuant to the Law number 6698 for the Protection of Personal Data (“Law Number 6698”), your personal data may be processed by Koç University (“Institution” or “University”) acting as and in the capacity of a data controller, to the extent described below:

  • Summer Academy 
  • Summer English Camp 
  • Pre-College Program
  • Winter Camp
  • Summer Medicine Academy
  • Summer Research Program

For detailed information about the processing of your or your Guardian’s personal data to be processed based on your application to one of the above programs, please visit the Policy on the Processing and Protection of Personal Data available at

  • The Purpose of the Processing of Personal Data

Your personal data that has been collected will be processed in connection with the related Programs at Koç for High School Students for the purposes reasons listed below:

  • receipt of your application,
  • evaluation of the requested information and documents within the framework of references,
  • approval of your application,
  • conducting your registration,
  • processing payment transactions,
  • the necessary procedures for your e-mail and wifi usage,
  • organizing library access procedures,
  • creation of the course program that you choose or take according to the content of the program you apply to,
  • using personal data for purposes such as research, planning, statistics, evaluation and feedback,
  • collecting the opinion of the data owner through surveys,
  • answering the requests and questions of the data owner and notifying them when necessary,
  • processing program certificates.
  • To Whom the Processed Personal Data Can be Transferred and for what Purpose

Your personal data collected and processed for the purposes listed above is transferred

– to the relevant units of our University in order to process your registration, payment, security, e-mail and wifi usage, library access, laboratory access as well as to ensure that the courses you take within the scope of your chosen program can be followed and processed by the faculty members or lecturers.
– authorized public institutions and organizations upon their request. Personal data processed within the scope of relating Programs at Koç for High School Students are not transferred abroad.

  • Methods and Legal Basis of Personal Data Collection

Your personal data, in order to carry out the application and registration process of relating program; are collected from you or your Guardian by filling the application form in the relevant program link of the page electronically and sharing the required documents with the University within the scope of the application documents, bank payment receipt, pictures or videos taken during the program, through physical contracts & undertakings & declarations signed by you or your parent reports or other documents relating to your health and /or disability and are processed for the following legal reasons:

– Establishment of the contract concluded with you or your Guardian,
– Execution of mutual rights and obligations arising from the contract,
– Ensuring compliance with the legislation to which we are subject, such as YÖK legislation, and
– Establishment, use and protection of a right.

  • The Rights of the Owner of the Personal Data Stipulated in Article 11 of Law Number 6698

As the owners of the personal data, you shall have the following rights as established in Article 11 of Law Number 6698: 

  • To learn whether the data has been processed.
  • To request information if the personal data has been processed.
  • To learn the purpose of the processing of the personal data, and whether the data is processed in compliance with such purpose.
  • To know the third-party recipients within the country or abroad to whom the data is transferred.
  • In the event that the personal data has been processed in an incomplete or erroneous fashion, they shall have the right to request the rectification of said data, and to request the notification of this process to the third parties to whom the personal data has been transferred.
  • In the event that conditions requiring the processing of data no longer exist, even when the personal data has been processed in accordance with Law Number 6698 and with the provisions of other legislation, the owners of the personal data shall have the right to request the deletion or the destruction of their personal data and to request notification of this procedure to the third parties to whom the personal data has been transferred. 
  • In cases where analyses conducted exclusively by automated systems produce results unfavorable to the owner of the personal data, they shall have the right to object to the results.
  • If the owner of the personal data suffers damage as a result of illegal processing of their personal data, they shall have the right to request compensation for the damage.


Requests concerning your rights listed above may be communicated to the University by filling in the “Application Form” accessible from the site In addition, as stated in the Application Form, you can also apply by sending email to via 

– the e-mail address you have specified in the application made by you or your Guardian to the Programs at Koç for High School Students and registered in our systems, or

– via the e-mail “…” address created by our University for your use until the end of the Program after your registration to the preferred Program and allocated to you. Depending on the nature of your request, the University shall finalize this free of charge as soon as possible, and latest within thirty days; however, in cases where the procedure incurs an additional cost, our University will charge the fee specified by the tariff established by the Committee for the Protection of Personal Data.