Instructor: Onur Gürkan

  The program concentrates on expressive, aesthetic and connotative aspects of photography through hands-on classes focused on the techniques and history of photography and storytelling. Students will produce photographic work that reflects varied photographic techniques that communicates through formal, expressive and conceptual elements of photograph   COURSE OBJECTIVES:
  • To learn basic techniques
  • To create good composition
  • To tell story through photography
  WEEK 1:
  • History of Photography
  • In-class Exercise (Emotion Map)
  • Basic Techniques & Skills
  • Assignment: “Beautiful from Nothing”
  • Taking an Image & Making an Image
  • Street Photography (Henri Cartier-Bresson Dorothea Lange, Walker Evans, Diane Arbus and Robert Frank)
  • How to create an online portfolio
  • Assignment: “Me, myself and I”
  • Conceptualization, metaphor, symbolism and self-expression.
  • Visual Storytelling (Duane Michals: Narrating a story with series of photographs)
  • Exercise (A series of images that tells a story)
  • Project critiques
  • Online exhibition
* You may attend this course with your SMARTPHONES or DSLR cameras. ** Surprise guests will attend to lectures!