Instructor: Ali Çiftçi


In this workshop, we will discover what forces make the online content viral and try to look at these forces from an analytical perspective. Most importantly we will try to experience a realistic business and design studio environment among ourselves. As we are learning about the concepts that have been constructed as result of scientific research, we will try and adopt these concepts into the real-life situations using our own creativity. During this process, we will also try to enhance our ability to give and receive criticism and feedback and position our individual talents in a group setting.

Basics concepts to be covered in the workshop:

  • STEPPS Framework of Jonah Berger
  • Basic social media listening tools

The skills we want to develop during our workshop:

  • Co-Designing and collaborative creativity skills
  • Effective presentation skills
  • Ability to receive and give feedback from an objective point

High School Summer Programs on Instagram Social Media Basics