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Language: Turkish

Week 1: Medicine and Technology

1. Medical Degrees and Careers

Ebru Çelik Assoc. Prof. Obstetrics and Gynecology

2. Robotic Surgery Methods

Emre Balık Prof. General Surgery

3. Medical Imaging and Interventional Radiology

Barbaros E. Çil Prof. Radiology

4. Application Areas of Bioengineering in Medicine (Engineer Perspective)

Sedat Nizamoğlu Assoc. Prof. Electrical and Electronics Engineering

5. Bioinformatics

6. Laser Technology in Eye Diseases

Afsun Şahin Prof. Dr. Ophthalmology

7. Bioethical problems that arise with the advancement of technology?

Hakan S. Orer Prof. Pharmacology

8. Technological Advances in Neurological Rehabilitation

9. Emerging Concepts and Technologies in Vaccine Development

Week 2: Central Nervous System

10. Anatomical Basis of Neurological Diagnosis

İlke Ali Gürses Assoc. Prof. Department of Basic Medical Sciences Anatomy

11. Neurophysiology

Sacit Karamürsel Prof. Department of Basic Medical Sciences Physiology

12. Function of the Nervous System (Mind-Body Connection)

Atay Vural Assoc. Prof. Nöroloji

13. Nervous System and Psychiatry Terms

14. Pathology

İbrahim Kulaç Dr. Pathology

15. Emergency Approach in Neurology

Can Aktaş Prof. Emergency

16. Muscle Diseases

17. ALS Disease

A. Nazlı Başak Prof. Medical Biology

18. Cancer Disease and Neurology

Fatih Selçukbiricik Assoc. Prof. Medical Oncology

19. Neuroradiology