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Course Description

This high school Molecular Biology and Genetics program offers an in-depth exploration of the fundamental concepts and processes that govern living organisms at the molecular level. The course is structured over two weeks, starting with an introductory meeting and concluding with a Q&A session focused on careers in Molecular Biology and Genetics.The curriculum is segmented into five thematic blocks:

Cell Biology: Students begin their journey with an introduction to cells, delving into the structure of membranes and the origin and division of cells.

Molecular Biology: The course progresses to molecular biology, examining the molecular constituents of life, including water, carbohydrates, lipids, proteins, and enzymes, alongside the pivotal molecules of DNA and RNA, culminating with the Central Dogma of molecular biology.

Genetics: A focus on genes and chromosomes sets the stage for understanding inheritance patterns and genetic modifications, crucial for grasping the complexities of heredity and the potential of genetic engineering.

Ecology: The program then shifts to ecology, exploring the interaction of species within communities and ecosystems, energy flow, carbon cycling, climate change, and the role of microorganisms in industry.

Biotechnology and Bioinformatics: The final block covers the cutting-edge fields of biotechnology and bioinformatics, highlighting their applications in agriculture, medicine, and the management of biological information.

The course culminates in a comprehensive quiz and a last lecture that synthesizes the program’s content, providing students with a solid foundation in MBGE and preparing them for further academic pursuits or careers in related fields.

Samet Ağca Research Assistant Science Faculty
He completed his undergraduate degree with honors in Molecular Biology and Genetics, and a double major in Chemistry at Koç University in 2020. During his undergraduate studies, he actively taught Science classes to middle school students through the Koç University Volunteer Education Community. He then joined Dr. Serkan Kır’s Metabolism and Cancer laboratory at Koç University as a doctoral student for his graduate studies. The studies he contributed to in the early years of his doctoral program were published in the “Journal of Cachexia, Sarcopenia and Muscle” and “Nature” journals. He is currently actively working on tumor-induced changes in the single nucleus transcriptome of atrophying muscles.