Title                           : UNVEST Araştırma Geliştirme Danışmanlık ve Ticaret Anonim Şirketi (hereinafter referred to as “UNVEST”)

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Address                      : Rumelifeneri Yolu 34450 Sarıyer/İSTANBUL

Telephone                  : +90 212 338 0 850

Electronic Mail         : highschoolprograms@ku.edu.tr

Web Site                     : https://highschoolprograms.ku.edu.tr/en/summer-academy/


Name – Surname                  :                                        (hereinafter referred to as “Guardian”)

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UNVEST and Guardian shall be hereinafter collectively referred to as “Parties”, and individually as a “Party”.



Herein this “Terms and Conditions of Use Agreement” (“Agreement”) the context of the “Summer Academy 2023” (“Program”) via the https://highschoolprograms.ku.edu.tr/en/summer-academy/ (“Web Site”) between UNVEST and Guardian, the web site registration and payment transactions regarding the implementation of the parties’ rights and obligations are regulated by Law No 6502 and in accordance with relevant regulations.



3.1. Essential Feature of the Service Agreement

The scope of this Agreement between UNVEST and the Guardian, Trainee which the Guardian accepts and declares that he/she is the guardian to, by Turkish Civil Code, will join Participants who have completed the 9th, 10th, or 11th grades of secondary education and who meet the language proficiency requirements for English camps (CEFR B2 and above) can enter the Summer Academy Program in 2023 at the Koç University Rumelifeneri Campus (“Campus”) between the dates of 03.07.2023 and 14.07.2023. Trainees will attend the models of Koç University’s undergraduate-level courses (with no prerequisites), will practice his/her English, and will improve his/her skills in teamwork, mindfulness, time management, planning, coordination, self-confidence, and critical and analytical thinking.

3.2. The Content and Price of the Program Under the Agreement

3.2.1. The content of the Program under this Agreement that Trainee which Guardian’s as guardian in accordance with Turkish Civil Code are as follows;

  • Program will be held for 2 weeks between 3rd of July and 14th of July 2023 on Campus.
  • Trainees will attend the models of Koç University’s undergraduate level courses. They will be assisted by a mentor team (of Koç University’s registered undergraduate students) during the program to attend group activities, sports hours, trainings for personal development, etc.
  • For the Program, Application Confirmation Form, Essay, Official transcript, English Test Score(s) and one passport-sized photograph are requested by UNVEST. If the participant does not submit any of these documents, the Program will not be registered.


3.2.2. The Contract Program’s Cost and Payment

  • The scope of this Agreement, the Program, which Trainee will attend, cost is 15.000,00 TL (Turkish Liras) per person total price including all taxes.
  • Payments will be through the online system.


3.3. Guardian’s Right of Withdrawal and Use of Right of Withdrawal


Guardian has the right of withdrawal from the Agreement in 14 (fourteen) days without showing any reasons or paying penalty. Guardian’s right of withdrawal period commences on the day which the Agreement is established, because the Agreement is about performing a service. In case this contract is signed within less than 14 days before the commencement date of the Program, Guardian hereby accepts and undertakes to pay the price mentioned in article 3.2.2 in the ratio of participation of the Trainee even if Guardian exercises the right of withdrawal within 14 days.

3.3.2. The Exercise of Right of Withdrawal

  • Guardian may exercise the right of withdrawal to UNVEST in writing within 14 (fourteen) days beginning with the day which the Agreement is established. The notification of the right of withdrawal will be sent by Guardian to the full address stated in Article 1 or the electronic mail address stated in Article 4.1. in due time.
  • UNVEST is obliged to return all payments that are collected from the Guardian within fourteen days from the date of notification of notice of withdrawal. Reimbursement will be made according to payment method used by Guardian, without bringing any charges and liabilities in Guardian, will be carried out at one time. UNVEST may not be held responsible for commissions and -regardless of the name- any other deductions implemented by the Guardian’s relevant bank account.
  • Guardian may not use the right of withdrawal after the fourteenth day of the right of withdrawal period.



4.1. Guardian could contact UNVEST through the + 90 212 338 0 850 telephone number and highschoolprograms@ku.edu.tr  electronic mail address.

4.2. Participants who have completed the 9th, 10th, or 11th grades of secondary education will be accepted to the program.

4.3. Guardian will fill in a separate application form for applicants who are siblings.

4.4 The language of the program is English and Turkish, and participants will attend courses in English or Turkish according to their camp preference.

4.5 Participants will attend classes alongside other mixed age group participants according to their preference of “Camps.”

4.6 During the program, “Personal Accident Insurance” will be provided to the participants, and this insurance will cover injuries and accidents that occurred during the program dates. Stomach, headache, kidney pain, high fever, or similar situations are not covered by the insurance. Cases not covered by insurance will be evaluated by UNVEST/Koç University Health Center doctors; however, in cases where it is necessary to go to the hospital, the participant’s own insurance, if any, will be used in line with the family’s recommendation. In these cases, the Parent accepts that the expenses that may occur after the shipment belong to the Parent.

4.7 The Parent accepts and declares that the first response in case of an emergency that may occur on campus will be made by the Koç University Health Center Medical Team.

4.8 Guardian is obliged to report in the “Application Form” whether the participant(s) has/have any special health problems or risks that might prevent them from participating in physical activities. If there is any health problem that concerns the participant in attending physical activities, the Guardian will inform UNVEST.

4.9 The aim of the program is to improve the knowledge and skills of the participants through academic gains. Participants who exhibit disturbing behavior will be subjected to necessary warnings and preventive procedures in line with “Code of Conduct” which will be read and signed by both the participant and the Guardian before the program begins. Guardian accepts that the participant is obliged to abide by the rules stated in the Code of Conduct and in terms of misbehaving he/she can be dismissed from the program.

4.10 The Parent accepts, declares, and undertakes in advance that UNVEST has no responsibility for the loss of the belongings that the participants will bring with them during the program.

4.11 Participants are expected to come in comfortable clothes suitable for the program and the season.

4.12 In case the Participant is caught in Covid, the Guardian shall come and pick up the Participant upon notification of the situation. The Guardian accepts and undertakes this in advance.




The cases that happen without the control of the Parties such as natural disasters, wars, mobilization, fire, infectious diseases, strikes and lockouts and the government or legal decisions that stop the working conditions of both or one of the parties partially or completely, temporarily or permanently shall be considered as Force Majeure to the extent that they affect the execution of the provisions of the Contract hereby.

Parties shall notify the other party in writing about the occurrence of Force Majeure promptly and submit the related formal documents. In the event that Force Majeure lasts longer than two (2) months, the Parties shall be entitled to suspend this Contract until the event of Force Majeure disappears or terminate the Contract by mutual agreement.

Today, Covid-19 and its variants have ceased to be an unpredictable situation, especially in the education sector, and since the Participant will be able to continue to receive services by being included in the online program during the quarantine period and a new face-to-face participant will not be able to replace the Participant. Therefore, no refund and/or reduction will be made. The Guardian accepts and undertakes this situation in advance.



6.1. In accordance with the Personal Data Protection Law (“KVKK” ) numbered 6698, UNVEST will fulfill all its obligations in the capacity of “data supervisor” in terms of personal data of the Guardian and the participant Child.

6.2. UNVEST will process the data of the Guardian and the participant Child in the scope of this agreement exclusively for the establishment and the operation of the agreement limited to these purposes specified in the agreement.

6.3. UNVEST will be able to share these personal data with relevant units and/or organizations (such as doctors/nurses, hospitals, ambulances, firefighters, etc.) “when it is necessary to protect the participant child’s vital interests”.

6.4. UNVEST will take all necessary technical and administrative measures to ensure the level of compliance security to protect the personal data it processes.

6.5. When UNVEST needs to share personal data with third parties in order to provide a service subject to this agreement, it will share the data with third parties and it will make these third parties subject to its obligations in terms of contract and after the service is provided, third party will return the data and UNVEST will make sure that the original and backup copies of the data are deleted from third parties’ system.

6.6. UNVEST, will withhold the personal data of;

– Invoices issued for the service provided for 10 years (Turkish Commercial Code and Tax Procedure Law)

– This agreement and all kinds of information and documents formed between the Parties pursuant to this agreement for10 years (Turkish Code of Obligations)

– Online visitor records for 2 years (Law no. 5651)

– The accidents and other injuries and illnesses that occur during the delivery of the service subject to contract for 10 years (ISG legislation and Turkish Code of Obligations)

Within these periods of time. In the time of these periods ending, the personal data in the electronic medium processed in accordance with KVKK will be “deleted” and the personal data in the paper medium will be “destroyed”.

6.7. Regarding the personal data processed, UNVEST is obliged to keep this data indefinitely confidential.

6.8. Upon the request of public institutions and organizations, UNVEST will be able to share the personal data processed with these institutions and organizations.

6.9. The rights of Guardians and participants as personal data owners on their personal data processed by UNVEST are as follows:

– Learning whether personal data is processed,

– Requesting information about whether the personal data has been processed,

– Learning the purpose of processing personal data and whether they are used in accordance with its purpose,

– Knowing the third parties to whom the personal data is transferred domestically or abroad,

– Requesting correction in the event of incomplete or incorrect process of the personal data and requesting a notification to the third parties to whom personal data is transferred for the transaction performed.

– Despite the fact of processing in accordance with the provision of Law No. 6698 and other related laws, in case of data requiring process disappears, Guardian can request the deletion or destruction of the personal data and Guardian can request notifying the third parties to whom the personal data has been transferred for transaction.

– Objecting to the emergence of an opposite result against the person through analyzing the processed data exclusively by automated systems.

Applications for the rights mentioned in the above can be sent to kisiselverilerim@ku.edu.tr e-mail address via the e-mail address you shared with us in our system while filling the Summer Academy Program Payment Form.




The agreement shall be kept for 3 (three) years by UNVEST. Upon the Guardian’s request, text of the agreement will be sent to the address referred to in article no. 1 above.




This Agreement consists of 8 (eight) main articles and 6 (six) pages and will be in effect when the payment link is transmitted to Guardian by UNVEST, after approval of Guardian via the web site.


Name and Surname of the  

Guardian of the Participant