All applicants are expected to make up to 3 elective course selections from each one of the “Course 1”, “Course 2” and “Course 3” options. In addition, students should choose 1 workshop according to their preferences from the second table below and indicate it in the relevant section in the application form.

Courses are offered in English and Turkish. A student can choose all of their courses in only one of these two languages (for example all in English or all in Turkish) or mixed (for example, 2 English + 1 in Turkish).

Students will be able to enroll 3 elective courses in total which will take place on Mondays & Wednesdays (“Course 1” and “Course 2”) and Tuesdays & Thursdays (Course 3) based on their preference and eligibility.

Note: Students will be enrolled in their top choices for Course 1, Course 2 and Course 3 based on availability. Please note that some courses may not open if there is not enough enrollment.

You can reach the 2020 Summer Term course and workshop lists by clicking on the buttons below.