Instructor: Durmuş Sabuncu


In this workshop, the participants step into the exciting world of 3D printing. Getting inspiration from the life and achievements of Leonardo Da  Vinci, they observe objects around them from the perspective of a designer. They get introduced to 3D printers and understand their potential as they start to 3D print everyday life objects. They also develop their capabilities to think in 3D as they model the objects on the computer. They start their designs using simple sketches, do a team brainstorming session, and use design thinking methods to work just like industrial designers.

Students will do a home workshop with live broadcasts and videos specially designed for the participants during the summer school. They will draw and share their 3D designs which will be 3D printed and sent to them after the camp. They will also get short videos of their designs being 3D printed.

Week 1

  • Introduction
  • What are different 3D printer types? How does the 3D printer work?
  • Important terms in the design and printing process
  • Autodesk Fusion setup and design
  • Design of basic geometries
  • Custom design key ring

Week 2

  • Using 3D printer interface and preparing the key ring for 3D printing
  • Everyone’s determining their own design problem
  • Introducing different commands in Autodesk Fusion
  • Designing an object using 3D commands and preparing it for 3D printing

Week 3

  • More advanced commands in Autodesk Fusion
  • Introducing the advanced features of the 3D printer interface program
  • Preparing designs for 3D printing
  • Talking about the participants’ final designs

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